Cold foam

This foam is prepared with indirect heat or low temperature at the manufacturing stage. This indirect heat allows molecules to form more. Therefore, they have more efficiency and longer life.
Cold foam process
Material consumption temperature: 25-28 ° C
Molding temperature: 55-45 ° C
Time Cream Time: 12 seconds
End time of growth: 100 seconds
Free foam density: 45 kg / m3
Milling time: 200 seconds
Application of cold foam
In the home, office, automobile, motorcycle saddle, etc., it is used


The sponge is made of polyol, di isocyanates, catalysts, cooling materials and other additives. additives allowes the sponge to increase freely. In our factory we mostly use continuous processing technology in production, then the sponge is cut in different shapes and sizes depends on the usage. Sponges are used in a variety of industries specially in the furniture industry. 

Round sponge

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