The first manufacturer of foam and sponge

Foam and sponge are used in a variety of industries

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Pishro Abr Pars Co. is one of the first manufacturers of foam and sponge, located in Tehran.

Pishro Abr Pars is an industrial, manufacturing and trading company that started its activity in 1996 in the field of foam and sponge as well as import and export of raw materials related to this industry.

We are using the most up-to-date knowledge in the world as one of the largest and most prominent manufacturers of foam and sponge ,and importer of raw materials such as: Polyol, TDI, T9, A33, MC, silicone,... .

The proximity of its sales offices to the furniture market (the largest furniture market in the Middle East) is one of its strengt. 

About us

The quality of our products determines the quality of many people's life. Our greatest responsibility is finding solutions to improve the quality of our products.

Quality is our greatest responsibility


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Our Unique Advantages

Responsive attention​​​​​​​Friendly business

Friendly service

Extremely fast foam cutting
High accuracy, low tolerances
Low wastage, high yield

Computerized foam cutting

Focus on fabrication

Multiple sources of foam
buying power​​​​​​​
Wide product range

Very high precision​​​​​​​
Maintaining the health of the goods


Compressed with the highest quality
High precision manufacturing
Grade materials

Highest quality

Founded in 1983​​​​​​​
Comitted to safety

professional team

​ADD.: No 0, Sepidar alley, Bahman abad, Ahmad Abad, Tehran, Iran.

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